Flat vacuum cups for textured surfaces – SFU-R

With a highly flexible and very fine sealing lip, the flat vacuum cup enables the handling of products with pronounced surface structures. The two-fold, internal security sealing lip and supports bring about increased security, even under lateral forces. An interlocking, clip-in retaining plate made of aluminium makes replacing the sealing lip fast and cost-effective.

FIPA SFU-R series flat vacuum cups for structured products are available in diameters ranging from 40 – 200 mm.

Flat vacuum cups for textured surfaces – SFU-R

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Material / ColourData Sheet
102.040.357._* SFU-R-403SI (tr), NR (br) Download datasheet
102.070.234._* SFU-R-706NBR (gr), SBR (br), SI (tr), NR (bg), NR (br) Download datasheet
102.100.269._* SFU-R-1005SBR (br), NBR (gr), NR (br) Download datasheet
102.200.350._* SFU-R-2005NR (w) Download datasheet

+Product description

Flat vacuum cups with safety sealing lips to handle rough surfaces, as well as smooth but very uneven products.

Connection via an interlocking, snap-in aluminum plate.


  • Leak-free gripping of many difficult product surfaces thanks to extremely flexible thinly tapered sealing lip
  • High stability under lateral forces
  • Optimum process reliability due to additional double lip seal
  • Cleats help prevent warping of the product
  • Cost-effective tool-free changing of worn seals