Bellows vacuum cups for chocolates - SL-PB

Chocolate candies are sensitive goods which pose big challenges in automated handling. FIPA SL-PB series bellows vacuum cups for chocolate candies utilise an extremely flexible and adaptable suction lip to ensure the leak-proof sealing of three-dimensional product surfaces. The vacuum cup material is food grade, FDA-compliant silicone approved for the handling of food.

Bellows vacuum cups for chocolates – SL-PB

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Material / ColourNumber of foldsData Sheet
21.012.079._* --, SL-PB-127NBR (sw), SI (w), SI-LE (w), SI (tr), SI-LE (tr)2.5 Download datasheet
27.016.001._* SL-PB-16, --6SI (tr), SI-LE (tr), NR (sw)1.5 Download datasheet

+Product description

Bellow suction cups made of FDA-approved material for handling delicate products with heavily textured surfaces.


  • Gentle handling of the most sensitive surfaces
  • Also suitable for three-dimensional products, e.g. chocolates