Heavy-duty ejectors

FIPA heavy-duty ejectors in compact aluminium housing are robust vacuum generators that work reliably in harsh environments. They balance compressed air fluctuations between 3 to 6 bar, thus ensuring the greatest possible process reliability.

FIPA heavy duty ejectors are suited for vacuum generation in applications that handle lightweight to medium-weight workpieces and are preferably used in the building material, timber and packaging industry.

The square design enables space-saving parallel circuits for multiple ejectors for central or decentral vacuum control of the consumers.

Do you require heavy-duty ejectors for a handling task with extremely short depositing times? FIPA offers multiple models with auxiliary input for blow-off. For process monitoring, FIPA offers heavy duty ejectors with auxiliary input for connecting a vacuum switch.

Silencers are available as accessories for noise-optimised operations.

Heavy-duty ejectors

Vacuum generation for use under harsh operating conditions

  • Robust and compact aluminum housing
  • Compensation of compressed air fluctuations between 3 and 6 bar (43.5 and 87 psi)
  • Additional inlet for blow-off for fast product release or vacuum switch connection for process monitoring (65.111, 65.130)
  • Rectangular design enables block assembly in centralized or decentralized vacuum systems

Technical data

Item no.65.102A65.11165.12065.130
Optimal operating pressure [bar (psi)] 4 (58) 4 (58) 4 (58) 4 (58)
Max. operating pressure [bar (psi)] 6 (87) 6 (87) 6 (87) 6 (87)
Final vacuum [%] 85 85 85 85
Suction power [Nl/min] 30 33 85 130
Air consumption to 4 bar (58 psi) [Nl/min] 50 60 130 240
Evacuation time 0 to 70 % [s/l] 3.5 3 1.5 0.7
Weight [g] 48 120 125 225
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65.111, 65.120, 65.130

  • z = Compressed air connection (P)
  • q = Vacuum connection
  • s = Exhaust
  • r = Blow-off (65.111 and 65.130)
Item no.65.102A65.11165.12065.130
A [mm]50505060
B [mm]25252540
C [mm]17404040
D [mm]28252525
d1 [mm]5.5------
E [mm]11343434
F [mm]6810--


BD_65.1xx_Diagramm_Saugleistung_en_Master zoom

Suction power against feed pressure

BD_65.1xx_Diagramm_Luftverbrauch_en_Master zoom

Air consumption against feed pressure

BD_65.1xx_Diagramm_Vakuumgrad_en_Master zoom

Vacuum level against feed pressure

+Suction power [Nl/min] at vacuum level

Item no. 10[%]20[%]30[%]40[%]50[%]60[%]70[%]80[%]


Item no. Suitable silencersSuitable Silencer