Automated foil removal with sheet metal cups

Household appliance surfaces in the white goods sector require special measures in the manufacturing process. Robust plastic films in varying material thicknesses are used to protect sensitive sheet metal from scratches. Foilpuller GmbH ( in Bobingen, a company armed with a wealth of experience in automation technology, has for the first time succeeded in mastering the automated removal of film from sheet metal. The patented process saves costs and reduces reject rates.

In developing the End-of-Arm-Tooling the company worked closely with FIPA. An outstanding service life with a great holding force, non-slip properties and the absence of paint-wetting impairment substances (PWIS) and silicone are the pre-conditions for the reliable handling of sheet metal. The FIPA gripper system is equipped with two sizes of large vacuum cups for sheet metal handling. Compact ejectors with air-saving function generate the vacuum for the vacuum cups. The cycle time varies between 30 and 45 seconds per unit, depending on the type of sheet metal.