Varioflex® vacuum cups equip palletiser in packaging line

The de Man Automation+Service GmbH & Co. KG ( provides solutions tailored to individual customers in the areas of robotics, material flow and material handling technology. Thanks to its new packaging line for the secondary packaging of products, the company can respond to the requirements of customers with the utmost flexibility. The various components can be added together to form a customer-specific system or also purchased individually. In the complete version, the packaging line comprises the components “Peacock” carton erector, “Hawk” carton packer, “Sparrow” carton sealer, “Parrot” labeller, “Heron” palletiser, “Pelican” pallet wrapper and “Master-Owl” control system.

High cycle output

A central component of the new packaging line is the “Heron” palletiser, this ensuring perfectly packed pallets. Depending on the goods to be palletised and development of the robot cell with pallet and intermediate layer magazines, “Heron” attains a cycle output of up to 30 cartons a minute.

Abrasive products

The handling of abrasive cardboard packaging for secondary packing places high demands on the vacuum cups. With the sturdy Varioflex® vacuum cups, FIPA has a component in its portfolio that corresponds precisely to the requirements of handling systems for cardboard packaging.

FIPA Varioflex® vacuum cups prove their effectiveness in practical tests

At the Supplier Show for Mechanical Engineering FMB, de Man tested the sturdy FIPA Varioflex® vacuum cups live on the “Heron” palletiser and found them to be extremely effective.

The unique merit of the bellows cups made from the composite material Varioflex® is the use of a wear-proof special polyurethane with two levels of material hardness. The sealing lip in 30° Shore A is supple and durable. The body in 60° Shore A is very stable and exhibits a tremendous resetting force.