Customised FIPA gripper system used in the automotive industry

Fitted with a customised gripper from FIPA GmbH, a gantry robot removes plastic parts with delicate surfaces from an injection moulding machine. The plastic parts are gripped and sucked vertically. The robot aligns the gripper system horizontally before the parts are placed onto a conveyor. The grippers then open and the sprues fall into a collecting container.

The gripper system consists, above all, of sprue grippers fitted with sensors, Thermalon® vacuum cups free of paint wetting impairment substances (PWIS) or mould release and grippers with HNBR-gummed jaws. The low-wear vacuum cups have been optimised to handle hot plastic workpieces without leaving markings. The cups can withstand temperatures of 160 °C and do not leave markings behind so the plastic parts can be painted or coated afterwards.

Grippers with HNBR-gummed jaws pick up the workpieces gently. Sensors fitted to the grippers enable the overriding control to monitor the entire gripping process.

In automation projects, the customer benefits from complete FIPA service. In addition to consultation and the selection of suitable gripper components, our services also include assembly and commissioning at the manufacturing facilities. FIPA can even design the gripper at your request. All that is required is a model and the 3D data of the product being handled.