FIPA news: “Build a better world” - EUROBOT 2018 Robotics Contest


The TURAG robotics work group is a team of students from TU Dresden - who won an outstanding 1st place at the national championships and became German champion, which meant that they qualified to take part in EUROBOT. FIPA is once again supporting TURAG as parts sponsor with our VARIOFlex vacuum cups.

This year, the robots were supposed to build a city, provide the residents’ water supply and use a control panel to guarantee the electricity supply. Building blocks were moved according to a color pattern and used to build houses.

FIPA vacuum cups were used to lift and move the objects on the surface of the playing area. The TURAG team’s two mobile robots, named Muck and Dizzy, were well designed for the tasks ahead. The TURAG team managed to get through the preliminary round to qualify for the quarter final and secured an impressive 12th place in the international ranking. There are already many ideas for the 2019 contest, the theme for which is “Atom Factory”.

FIPA would like to congratulate the TURAG team and will be happy to support them again next year.