FIPA introduces new 2016 series sprue grippers


Comprised of zinc plated steel gripper jaws with anodized, high strength aluminum alloy housings, and compatible with both oiled and unoiled compressed air, 2016 Series sprue grippers deliver reliable performance in even harsh manufacturing environments. Models with direct sensing capabilities feature PNP or NPN sensors, and enable large area sensor activation, direct part detection, and easy adjustment for subsequent control levels. Models without sensing capabilities are available with an additional jaw variant that features removable HNBR pads especially designed to enable quick and easy replacement and eliminate machine downtime, unlike coated grippers, which require complete replacement once the protective material reaches the end of its useful lifetime. The series’ HNBR pads are also low-marking, temperature-resistant from -30°C to +160°C (-20°F to +320°F), and free of both silicone and paint wetting impairment substances (PWIS), which makes them ideal for gently removing delicate plastic parts from injection molding machines.

“These latest additions to our extensive portfolio of dependable sprue grippers feature several customizable options that allow our customers to tailor the jaw style and sensing capabilities to meet their own unique gripping system requirements,” said Rainer Mehrer, president of FIPA. “The series’ high grip-force and wide jaw opening enable the reliable handling of large sprues and its gap-free closure enables the reliable handling of small and flat sprues.”

The new 2016 Series grippers provide a maximum of 52N of gripping force at 6 bar (87.02psi) operating pressure, weigh between 148g (5.22oz) and 168g (5.92oz), and have a 20mm clamping diameter.