FIPA in practice: Hand gripper for visual inspection of sensitive parts


Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG, based in Owen/Teck is a global specialist for the development and production of efficient sensor solutions for industrial automation. A low-noise and reliable handling solution was required for the visual inspection of plastic caps. Owing to its high level of expertise in the area of vacuum and gripper technology, FIPA was entrusted with developing such a solution. As the plastic caps of the sensor housings must remain free from marks or contaminants during production and subsequent quality testing, it is not possible to handle these sensitive parts manually.

The newly developed handling solution comprises a hand gripper with ejector to generate a vacuum for the Varioflex® vacuum cup. The FIPA vacuum cups made from the composite material Varioflex® are extremely low-marking and prove highly effective because of their excellent adaptability. Thanks to the flexible sealing lip, the Varioflex® vacuum cup rests gently on the plastic cap, without leaving behind any marks. The hand gripper is operated by means of a button for switching the vacuum on and off. The ejector has an integrated air-saving function, which lowers the consumption of compressed air and thus reduces the emission of noise to a minimum. The automatic air-saving function switches the vacuum supply off immediately after it reaches the set vacuum level. The project is an excellent example of how FIPA responds individually to customer enquiries with the aim of developing customised gripper solutions.