FIPA innovation: Powerful gripping and no scratches left behind


With all four sides of the jaws coated with HNBR, the 100 series’ new gripper really makes an impression. The coating prevents damage caused by scratches when placing the gripper on the part to be handled. With complex-shaped workpieces in particular, a risk of scratching can occur, for example, through vibrations caused during the rapid positioning of the gripper. The new gripper is thus a wise measure to reduce the production of scrap.

As an elastomer containing no paint-wetting impairment substances, the HNBR coating leaves no markings on the workpiece that could potentially prevent any subsequent painting or coating.

The properties of the new HNBR-coated sprue gripper:

  • No scratches: Gripper jaws with all-round HNBR coating prevent damage caused by scratching and thereby reduce the generation of scrap
  • High reliability: Firm hold of the workpiece thanks to high closing force
  • Wide-opening gripper jaws: Secure grip of large goods
  • Complete closure: Perfect for thin parts
  • New design: Registered utility model