Automation with FIPA: Vacuum grippers reduce set-up times


FIPA GmbH was able to further boost productivity in automated manufacturing for a leading German provider of complete system solutions for sloped roofs.

In 2012, the plant producing roof tiles was modernized and almost fully automated. At that time a robot removed the shipment-ready roof tiles from their mold carriers at the end of the production process and de-stacked these on a pallet. However, in production practice, it was discovered that the gripper system used at that time needed to be converted for almost every type of roof tile. The result was long production downtimes while the type was changed. A gripper system was sought that could handle almost every type of roof tile produced without time-consuming conversions.

The solution comes from FIPA: Vacuum grippers with leakage reduction

As a solution to the problem, the experts from FIPA suggested the innovative vacuum grippers with leakage reduction from the TL series. Thanks to the integrated flow control valves, the gripper system only has to be changed for roof tile types that have contours covering less than 80% of the suction cup surface. Fast and uniform vacuum distribution within the vacuum gripper is an advantage, and ensures short cycle times and high acceleration rates. Process-safe tipping and swinging movements are possible up to 360°. Integrated high-performance ejectors generate the necessary vacuum using compressed air. Costly side channel blowers are thus not necessary.

Besides the FIPA vacuum grippers with leakage reduction, the FIPA suction mats are also a crucial part of the solution. They are wear-resistant and stand out thanks to short reset times, good sealing behavior and a long service life.

Perfect coordination of vacuum gripper and suction mat

The long service life of the suction mat is achieved through the high-quality material and the sophisticated design of the gripper system. The application always works reliably, even with slightly worn suction mats. The less often the suction mats need to be changed, the fewer interruptions and service times occur. Plant productivity increases.

Proven over long-term use

The FIPA vacuum grippers have been used since 2012. It was found that set-up times could be significantly shortened. Depending on the type of roof tile and its surface finish, the suction mats only have to be changed every two to four months. A further benefit of the FIPA suction mats becomes apparent here: they can be replaced in a very short time without residues and with no tools. A further factor in boosting the productivity of the plant.