FIPA news: EUROBOT 2014 Robot Competition
FIPA provides parts for TU Dresden team


The task - challenging and educational

The TU Dresden team for mobile robotics called TURAG ( has been participating in the international EUROBOT (International Students Robotic Contest) competition since 2006. The team comprises 25 students of different ages, predominantly from the fields of mechatronics, information system technology and electrical engineering.

In this competition, every year up to 300 teams of pupils and students from across the world compete against each other with their mobile robots. The latter must be able to handle several tasks autonomously during the contest. Remote controlling is strictly prohibited.

Robots chasing mammoths - and FIPA is at the heart of it all

The theme of this year’s competition was “Prehistobot”. The robots had to negotiate a number of difficult tasks, among them throwing “spears” in the form of balls at mammoths, collecting fruit from trees or making fire. FIPA was happy to supply the robotics team with the respective vacuum cups during the 8-month development phase.

The result - the design price

A total of eight teams took part in the national leg of the EUROBOT competition. The top three teams then went on to participate in the international competition. For TURAG, the robotics competition was very successful. The team came in second in the German competition and was awarded the design price at EUROBOT.

Success with FIPA

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