FIPA presents: Website relaunch facilitates use


FIPA’s standard of quality includes good service. The customer-oriented product presentation on the website is an important part of this service. On its new website, FIPA maintains its tried and tested practices: The familiar system of categorizing according to product groups and subgroups was taken over from the catalogs, saving you the time-consuming task of trying to learn a new search method.

All information at a glance: On each product page you will find a photo, a product description, technical data, dimensions, diagrams and accessories. You can generate a datasheet for each product. You can even access CAD data after registering once.

Obtaining quotations has never been easier: The new shopping cart function enables a technician to redirect products that may come into consideration directly to his competent buyer using the e-mail function. In mere seconds, the buyer receives all of the data necessary for requesting a quotation. This rules out errors such as transposed digits or erroneous item descriptions during the ordering process. There is no need for any time-consuming copying or reentering of the data.

The new website at a glance:

  • Familiar catalog layout has been taken over: The navigation is oriented towards the tried and tested practice of categorizing the catalogs according to product groups. You can find your way around immediately.
  • Convenient shopping cart function: Technicians select products, and buyers request these specific products. This allocation of tasks, which is particularly common in large firms, is supported by the new shopping cart function. This means that you can save yourself unnecessary work and avoid typing errors.
  • Flexible search: The search function supports the search for item numbers and specific terms. A special search function limits the search by setting specified parameters.
  • Recommendation by mouse click: If a user finds an interesting product, he can redirect the relevant information automatically to his colleagues.
  • Obtaining quotations easily: Each product page offers the opportunity to request a quotation: After entering the required number of items, you can forward the request directly to FIPA by mouse click.
  • Downloading CAD data after registration: Users can download CAD data of the products free of charge. This simplifies the integration of FIPA products into packaged solutions.