FIPA news: Highly wear-resistant Varioflex® bellows suction cups


Excellent reset force, best possible sealing: The robust Varioflex® bellows suction cups are designed for automation applications where a strong holding force and a long cycle life are a must in addition to short cycle times. The suction cups are made from a special polyurethane that combines two material hardnesses. The soft sealing lip is a hit when it comes to materials with rough or curved surfaces thanks to its high holding force and long cycle life - ideal for the reliable handling of cardboard packaging, wood, concrete, and other abrasive products.

What makes the new Varioflex® dual durometer bellows suction cups so extraordinarily strong? It’s the use of a special polyurethane that can withstand even abrasive products with rough surfaces over a very long period and provides a high reset force.

Automation applications with fast cycle times are much more reliable thanks to the combination of a stable body and soft sealing lip. The sturdy body with 60° Shore combines excellent reset properties with high stability against lateral bending. The highly flexible sealing lip with 30° Shore fits tightly to even rough and curved surfaces, so the suction cup can develop a high holding force, even under these unfavorable conditions. But the new Varioflex® vacuum cups are also ideally suited to smooth surfaces and guarantee a good hold. The optimized special polyurethane enables a long cycle life to be achieved despite the soft sealing lip.

The benefits of FIPA Varioflex® dual durometer bellows suction cups at a glance:

  • Fast cycle times and high process reliability: Sturdy body (60° Shore) with excellent reset properties and high stability to prevent lateral bending
  • High holding force for rough surfaces: The soft sealing lip (30° Shore) adapts tightly to products with rough or curved surfaces and thus prevents leakage
  • Long cycle life: The suction cups made of special polyurethane are extremely resistant to wear
  • Extremely low-marking: Gentle handling of finished or coated surfaces
  • Oil and ozone-resistant